Business and marketing planning

Developing marketing strategies and detailed action plans; choosing the right tactics which make the best use of budgets and resources; marketing measurement and ROI.

A well thought through, customer-focused strategy lies at the heart of every successful business or organisation. Whether a formal business plan or a set of common objectives agreed amongst the key players, this thinking, and the marketing planning it drives, is essential for profitable growth and achieving targets.

Some newer businesses can have sufficient demand in the early days to "go with the flow". However, long term growth, or even survival, isn't a matter of chance. Over time the scattergun approach inevitably leads to missed opportunities and resources spread too thinly to be effective. Everyone is working flat out, but the results just aren't coming in.

Missing opportunities? Unaware of threats?

Even when thorough planning has been done in the past, it is easy for the pressures of the business and customer demands to mean that periodic reviews don't happen. In time the plan no longer reflects the opportunities and threats in your marketplace and precious resources are poured into the wrong tactics.

We have the expertise and resources to help you develop effective, client-focused business strategies and marketing plans which strengthen your reputation, create demand and achieve bottom line targets and ROI.

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