Is Social Media The Free Marketing Tool You Need?

...and should you pay for promoted posts?

About the programme

Social media marketing has rapidly become a key way to reach your customers and engage with them. You might have a lot of followers, or still be building up your connections - but did you know that probably less than 10% of your posts actually reach your audience.

This is because all the main platforms deliberately limit the volume of posts they send out. The trouble is, you have no idea which of your followers actually see your posts, and you can't control it. There are various free analytic tools which show you how many people you have reached, but it won't show who!

The conundrum is that we got used to social media platforms being a 'free promotional tool' and we feel slightly aggrieved that we now seem to have to pay to reach our own followers. But we expect to pay for adverts in newspapers, magazines, bill-boards etc - now the social media owners are doing the same.

So this is where 'promoted posts' and advertising on social media comes in. By paying an agreed amount per day, you can massively extend your reach - way beyond your follower base.

It is still a relatively cheap way of advertising and with the right set-up, you can track conversions to know how well it is working for you. It works in a similar way to Google AdWords, using a bidding system for costs per click. The main platforms have good quality self-service advertising tools.

The benefits are that it is very flexible, can reach audiences you wouldn't otherwise reach and can help build traffic to your website. The downsides are that budgets can creep up and the advert is highly transient because of the nature of the medium.

On this course you'll learn whether you should be using the 'paid for' options within social media and how to make the most of them.

Who will benefit?

Marketing staff, personnel involved with external communications, sales / business development staff, web and online managers who want to understand more about social media marketing techniques, business owners, managers and administrative staff.

Key content

  • Starting point: what are you trying to achieve with your social media marketing?
  • Analytics Tour: quick look at the free information which shows how many people see / engage with your posts
  • Reminder: key principles of producing good posts and content that will reach / engage your audience
  • Principles and terms: the 'paid-for' model, bidding system, cost per click / impression
  • Examples in action: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Creatives (adverts) / promoted post formats
  • Role of picture / visual
  • Selecting audiences (locations, roles, interests, behaviours etc)
  • Keywords, hashtags
  • Budget (daily limit, pacing, bid per click
    • Results:
    • Social media analytics
    • Website conversions
    • Website traffic (Google Analytics)
    • Sales

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09:00 to 11:00

£49 (+ VAT) per delegate

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