Marketing audits and Marketing MOTs

Independent, expert reviews of your marketing plans and resources can help assess whether you are still on course to meet your objectives.

You may have set a strategy for your business but when did you last review your market to identify future opportunities? Or your position compared against the competition - so that you can stay one step ahead?

Full Marketing Audit

A marketing audit can help assess whether your marketing plans are still on course to meet your objectives and whether you are employing the right tactics and resources to achieve them.

We will provide an analysis of your market and undertake tailored research with key stakeholders such as clients or intermediaries to gain a strong understanding of your positioning against key competitors. This is backed up with professional, objective feedback on your existing plans, publicity materials and communications activities to provide a strong foundation to develop future strategy and grow your business for long-term profitability.

Quick Marketing MOT

Alternatively, a shorter marketing MOT will test whether you are using the right marketing tactics to achieve your current plans and goals, or where changes may help you achieve better results for the same resources. This will help ensure you are not wasting precious time and resources on activities that won't help you reach your targets cost effectively.

Like to know more?

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