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5 ways to improve your calls-to-action

5 ways to improve your calls-to-action

Whether you do email marketing, manage web / landing pages, use social media, or use Pay Per Click advertising - you’ll need compelling ‘calls-to-action’.

And with so many people browsing on mobile phones or tablets - have you thought about how to design for that quick thumb / finger tap action? It’s the way forward.

Don’t be shy

People are browsing on your webpage, reading your email or reviewing your Google Adwords for a reason. They are considering whether this is relevant for them. If it is - they’ll want to take action so you need to make it easy for them to do it NOW (grabbing them while they’re in the mood and still on your page). It isn’t rude or ‘in your face’ - it is simply what people expect.

So here are some tips for those fun calls to action:

Colour coded, well designed buttons

Whenever you possibly can, convert your calls-to-action into ‘buttons’ for easy finger tapping on a mobile device. Consider colour coding them so that repeat visitors will learn your system and will make decisions more quickly.

Buttons might include:

  • Buy now
  • Get a quote
  • Keep me posted
  • Call me back
  • Ask a question
  • Try us out

Don’t be boring

‘Click here’ or ‘Submit’ are a bit dated nowadays. You can reflect your personality and perhaps add a little humour. It’s worth getting your buttons properly designed too for maximum impact. 

Keep them short

The good news is that if you are now going to adopt the ‘button’ approach, this will mean you have to keep to a low word count. But if you are using a clickable link – around 80 characters should be plenty!

Start with a verb

Verbs are ‘actions’ and so you need to tell them what to do e.g. “Discover top tips from the professionals…” or “Download your free guide now”. You will probably want to avoid adverbs as these dilute the message, however, the ones that do work well are ‘now’, ‘fast’, ‘today’, ‘here’.

Use numbers

We recognise numbers as adding gravitas to the message e.g. “Join more than 50 companies who’ve benefited from this course” so find a number that has relevance to your target audience and think about how to add it to your call to action.

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