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?Ǩ?Help?Ǩwe need another photo!?Ǩ

?Ǩ?Help?Ǩwe need another photo!?Ǩ

Have you noticed how rapidly the online world has become a highly visual environment? Whether it’s your website, LinkedIn Company Page, Facebook posts, e-newsletter or a press release – we always seem to need more photos.

But should you be content with buying good quality stock images or commission your own photo-shoot or professional photographer to supply some beautiful bespoke images?

Here’s our top five reasons why we think you should commission your own.

1. Stock photography has become very easy to spot

As the world has become more literate and able to search for images online, so the value of stock photos has dropped. Websites with glowing people in pale blue shirts in a pristine glass office sitting at a white table with equally white smiles just looks all too familiar nowadays and doesn’t differentiate you.

2. Your own photos reflect your personality

Pictures of you, your staff, your premises – going about your daily business and interacting normally can say a lot about you and the way you do things. You don’t need to ‘stage’ too many poses, a good photographer will enjoy taking natural activity shots and they look a lot better.

Also – we strongly recommend that you get professional shots for your LinkedIn and other social media profiles. 

3. You can your own add branding and styling to your own photos

Some stock photos prevent changing the photo in any way under their licence arrangement. But when you use your own, you can super-impose other elements such as styling, colour, tints, logo, and words – making the image all part of your branding.

4. Wide format shots need commissioning

You’ll probably have noticed that most social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) require a wide format, landscape ‘cover photo’. And on websites, it is now common to have wide ‘banner photos’ in the centre of the screen, depicting specific services or target audiences. These need to be shot on a wide angle lens. Whilst you can manipulate some photos to achieve this wide format look, it is far better if you have commissioned a landscape photo at the outset as the dimensions (foreground, background and subject) will all be well proportioned 

5. It isn’t as expensive as you might think

If you commission a photographer for a day and give a clear brief as to the type of shots you want but ALSO how they will be used (e.g. LinkedIn Cover Page / website banner / profile pictures) you can achieve an awful lot in a day. You should also clarify how you would like to incorporate the brand styling at the post-production stage and we recommend that it is worth spending another half day or so for post-production. Prices start from about £500 and it is well worth the investment. 

So if you want to be really proud of your photos / images across all of your marketing materials, we recommend that you invest in commissioning your own photography and post-production.

It is a bit like buying new clothes – you spend a bit more for a high quality label and it always gets the compliments and admiration that they deserve. 

We can certainly help you select a great photographer, advise you on the shots and provide ‘art direction’ on the day to help manage the relationship between yourselves and the photographer. Clients who have used this service are delighted with the results and come back to us time and time again for the same service. 

Go on…you’re worth it.

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