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What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

It is a page where clients are directed after a click and is specifically designed to provide information that the customer was looking for. It does NOT form part of the body of the main website (you cannot navigate to it) so it’s ‘hidden’ from normal view. So why shouldn’t you just send people to a standard web page?

Perhaps your clients searched on a specific term in Google, or clicked on a Google Ad Word? Or you might have included a landing page link in the body of an email or a social media post. So at this point, it is good to give highly relevant, specific information which the client is actively seeking rather than send them to a generic web page. 

Some important things about landing pages:

  • They contain very specific information which relates to the customer’s journey and their action. 
  • They are often ‘stand-alone’ and don’t have the standard navigation buttons of the main website
  • They nearly always include a ‘sign-up’ form to capture further information 
  • They always have an easy ‘call to action’ so a client can follow through quickly. 
  • They often include offers which might be time limited to encourage action

One thing is for sure – the landing page should look like you are still within the same website and there should be a way to find the original website even if it is discrete.

Landing pages should be simple and you should think of them as being single message. They should include: 

  • Logo and website styling
  • Compelling headline
  • A few bullet point confirming the visitor is on the right page, and what the offer is (the reason someone clicked here)
  • A few bullet points about the benefits of the offer
  • Sign up form with privacy policy 
  • Single call to action (often time specific)
  • T&Cs of offer

There is compelling evidence to show that landing pages have a MUCH higher conversion rate than moving people to a standard website form (they navigate away). It is also true that ‘single action’ landing pages have higher conversion rates than those with multiple actions or messages.

If you want to try out some landing pages for your next email campaign or social media posts – tell us what you are after and we’ll design something to get those enquiries rolling in.

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