Richmond Pharmacology

Brand development, web design & build, advertising, brochure & promotional material design & print, plus digital marketing to recruit and retain an active volunteer database.

What we delivered

Brand Guidelines
Brochure Design and Production
Digital Marketing
Direct Mail
Email Marketing
Event Material
Folder Design
Print Management
Strategic Planning
Web Design & Build


With the intensely competitive clinical trials industry constantly evolving, our brief was to maintain the company's position through brand management and marketing across all media.

How we helped

Six-monthly integrated communication plans covered the development of collateral; including brochures, websites, viral campaigns, advertising and sales support material. Volunteer recruitment and retention campaigns incorporated press advertising, email marketing, direct mail and local and national radio.

We also supported Richmond Pharmacology's extensive events programme. This included pre- and post-event communications for their in-house workshops and seminars at a number of hospitals and the production of a variety of conference and exhibition materials.


Richmond Pharmacology grew the largest active volunteer database in the UK.

The cost of volunteer recruitment reduced to an all- time low.

Turnover tripled over five years.

The strength of the Richmond Pharmacology brand has helped the business gain extensive media coverage, speaking events and new partnerships with high-profile consultants.

With a range of brand collateral and clear guidelines for execution, Richmond Pharmacology now successfully runs its own events programme.