Research-based brand creation brand creation leading to logo development, stationery design, website design and build, and the production of launch marketing materials.

What we delivered

Brand Creation
Brochure Design and Production
Logo Design
Print Management
Stationery Design
Web Design & Build


To design a brand identity, with on and offline marketing material, for a new recruitment network aimed at high level executives across Europe and United Arab Emirates.

How we helped

After an extensive research period we advised on the brand strategy and overall marketing direction. We produced the logo, colour palette and photographic direction, which were then rolled out across stationery, brochures and the web. The printed material was bi-lingual, and careful consideration was made to the design of the stationery, as it had to accommodate Arabic, right to left typography.

The Results

A suit of marketing material for the consultants and directors to attract senior level executives.

The new venture was successfully launched and firmly established itself as a significant player in Dubai's Internet City.

Sterling has successfully built an international network of consultants, that is still growing and breaking in to new regions.