The team

A wide range of expertise from creative marketing strategy, research, and design through to web development, App building, copy writing and promotional campaigns.

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Liz Barnes

Principal Consultant, Preview Education

Favourite film?

Dead Poet's Society

Who or what would you come back as?

My Dad

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you bought?

Probably a ham and pickle sandwich

Who would you have a drink with?

Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh but possibly not in the same bar!

Favourite website?

No - don't have one! But like a sad bunny, I'm probably using more than anything.


At Preview, my role is to work with clients to develop their marketing strategy, positioning and formulate coherent marketing plans. I devise suitable research and customer insight for clients, to help them understand their market better and provide a context for future plans.

As qualified strategic Chartered Marketer, and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I lead the Preview Education division which specializes in providing marketing strategy and services for education & training organisations, a sector I have worked in for 15+ years. I am a rare blend of a marketing practitioner and specialist marketing trainer having qualified as a teacher in 1995.

My expertise comes from both private and public sector organisations, where I have delivered projects in marketing communications, branding, positioning, research, marketing planning, strategy, customer relationship management and programme evaluation.

I also run training courses on a variety of marketing topics including 'Value Propositions', 'Measure What Really Matters', 'Marketing Strategy and Planning' and 'Customer Communications that Count'.