The team

A wide range of expertise from creative marketing strategy, research, and design through to web development, App building, copy writing and promotional campaigns.

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Nick Broom

Managing Director

Favourite film?

The Italian Job. (original version)

Who or what would you come back as?

Dolphin - great life balance.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you bought?

Its unlikely to happen as I don't do the lottery! If the win stretched to it, then a Lamborghini Aventador.

Who would you have a drink with?

Jason Statham

Favourite website?



I'm Nick, Founder and Managing Director of Preview. I'm passionate about business and new ideas, love great design and its my mission in life to deliver the highest levels of flexible and attentive customer service at all times.

With a strong technical and marketing background, I have over 17 years practical experience in understanding our clients products and services and how best to utilize the most appropriate communications media to deliver measurable business results. I also set up and manage PVL in 2000, now one of the leading specialist livery companies in the UK.

With a great team in place at Preview, my role is now more strategic; to find and explore new business opportunities and expand the skills base required to continue to deliver what our clients want.

I fill any spare time with sporting activities and a love of motor racing; if its cold, then ideally I'll be snowboarding, if its hot; surfing. In between I'll be running, cycling or swimming, always competitively if possible!