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A wide range of expertise from creative marketing strategy, research, and design through to web development, App building, copy writing and promotional campaigns.

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Simon Hilton

Associate Designer

Favourite film?

Karate Kid (The original one with Ralph Macchio, not the modern remake based on mainly Kung Fu)

Who or what would you come back as?

Pub Dog, I can't think of a better job than that. You meet lots of new people and get to eat as many pork scratchings as you can handle.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you bought?

A DeLorean (preferably one that did time travel too, if not I'd settle for one that actually got to 88mph).

Who would you have a drink with?

Danny Wallace (Author of 'The yes man' and XFM DJ)

Favourite website?

It's a bit 'design nerdy' but I like


My name is Simon and I spend a lot of my time thinking. Sometimes regarding work sometimes play but I can't seem to switch off the old grey matter. I like it that way though.

In my working life I have completed work for some well known clients, such as Puma and The Ryder Cup, as well as lots of less well known, the size of the client doesn't change my enthusiasm for the job though. Every project is a new opportunity to surprise myself, with each one being as valuable to me as the last. I tend to find the smaller jobs have the bigger opportunity to get creative with. I enjoy working with Preview, the projects are always interesting, and there is good communication between all departments. Making working on multiple projects a lot clearer.

In my personal life, I have a lovely house which I share with my wife, and dog. We live in a small village, with one pub and one shop and I spend most of my time walking my small but nutty dog, trying to wear him out.

Sarah Harman