Social media

Understanding which tools can help you market on-line, how to use them effectively and how to generate content that will engage with your audience.

The explosive growth in online activity and mobile technology has generated a whole number of new marketing tools attracting a great deal of hype. Social networking sites, video sharing channels and micro-blogging are already generating engagement with target audiences and work for organisations of all sizes and for individual thought-leaders.

Media hype or sales opportunity?

Stripped of the hype, social networking tools such as blogs, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter can be excellent ways of reaching wide audience, if you understand that audience and how they use that media. They can provide market feedback at a speed no research agency can. Get it right and they enable you to interact with interested parties in a way no advert does, and spread word of mouth referrals faster and further than any traditional PR approach.

Cost savings

Using the right social media and online tools as part of your marketing programme can save costs, help you reach new audiences, improve search engine optimisation and build closer one : one relationships with important contacts.

Content is king

The key to success is not just understanding the technology. Increasingly it lies in understanding and developing the content that you will publish using these media.

As well as incorporating social media strategies during marketing planning, we can help with:

  • A social media snapshot to identify tactics best-suited to work alongside your existing strategy
  • A detailed Social Marketing Audit
  • Content strategy planning
  • Content production for you, from copywriting articles to video and podcast production
  • Social media training to help to you understand the opportunities for your business

Like to know more?

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You can view relevant case studies below.

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