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Preview strives for excellence in service delivery, with the strategic and tactical marketing skills in-house to plan, manage and exceed these requirements. Our proven project management process is implemented by our team of business professionals, who have both the strategic business acumen and commercial experience to ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within budget and with clear metrics.

Website design & development

We design websites that deliver your marketing and sales strategy on-line. Whether your objective is to communicate information, spark engagement with your brand, or sell on-line, we draw on a combination of analytics, usability and accessibility standards expertise and high quality design to create compelling digital experiences.

What we offer

Proud to own our very own dedicated hosting platform, supplied and supported by a highly regarded UK based company, we offer our clients regular back-ups, managed support and 24/7 security, both on-site and online. We only host our client’s websites so we can offer the best resources that ensure a 99.9% guaranteed ‘up-time’ and no slowdown, that would otherwise be a risk when using a shared solution.

Ongoing support, content creation, software updates and a dedicated account manager are all just part of the service for our retained customers. We work with our clients to help them keep in touch with their customers, to make sure they are familiar with the latest content management features and to ensure that their websites continue to work for them in attracting new clients.

We use the latest development technologies to create leading customer-focused online shop solutions. Your shop can be integrated with world-wide payments gateways including Amazon, Sagepay, Paypal and Stripe, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We create e-commerce solutions in a search engine friendly manner from the bottom up. Every aspect is database driven, putting you in full control of the populated content (the products and how you categorise them), order and customer details pages. Our content management systems (CMS) focus on being simple and user friendly.
We aim to design a website that is focused on the users’ experience; most importantly ensuring that it is secure, clear and friendly to use.

Good Search engine optimisation (SEO) starts from the initial site build. It’s also about the content of your website and how that is organised, rather than just technical aspects of page titles and meta tags. Because we build websites we understand the fundamental changes that can improve your ranking and make your website as search engine friendly as possible. This helps you to drive targeted traffic to your website that will result in conversions, whether this is a sale on an e-commerce site or engagement with your services.

We use analytics to measure, review and improve your website over an ongoing period. Our analysts monitor your sites statistics to see what is happening and to understand the user’s experience. From this we can understand why conversions are being lost and use techniques to improve conversion rates. Traffic generation is the most important aspect to improving the success of your website. We put content, search and social media at the forefront of a digital strategy.

brand and design managment

A good brand can create loyalty, engage customers, boost sales, attract staff and create new revenues. But a good brand is more than a clever logo; it’s one of your best assets and it’s visible at every point you connect with your customers. By designing well-considered identities and guidelines, we help our clients make sure their brand works hard at all of those points.

We create brands for businesses, organisations serving the public, start-ups, products, services and events. We take you through the entire branding process, from defining your “unique selling proposition” or values to designing a new identity to launching and managing your brand.

Design for print

Whether we are designing sales brochures or an information newsletter, a direct mail campaign or an exhibition stand, we focus on producing clear, distinctive and impactful communications.

We approach working with start-up businesses, high profile organisations and international brands with the same careful consideration to colour, type, layout and imagery. Our many years of design experience have seen our work span all customer touch points, from brochures to signage systems, from posters to packaging.

We also offer

Having completed the design and artwork, some clients then ask us to manage the print or production on their behalf, utilising our experience to obtain the best results and competitive prices. We work closely with a range of printers who can deliver high quality, environmentally-friendly printed material and help clients source the most competitive quotes to meet their needs.

Developing a sound strategy is vital to making best use of your resources.
Periodically, it helps to take a step back and ask yourself if your marketing strategy is still relevant and addresses the needs of the customers you’re serving today – rather than sticking to what’s been tried and tested in the past but may not let you take advantage of new opportunities.
Do you share a clear idea of how you can grow your business? Are you using the right tactics? Do you have the right resources?

Preview’s Cluster email marketing programme is a flexible, cost-effective online software solution that adds instant power to your email marketing. Cluster lets you create, deliver and manage your own campaigns faster, better and more cost-effectively than ever before – whether it’s a bulk campaign, a one-off sales email or part of your ongoing integrated marketing communications.

The reporting facility will provide you with details on how many people have received your email and when, who opened it and what did they click on. This allows you to continually tailor your email commutations to your recipients usage using the simple online editor facility.


We can help you evaluate how effective your marketing and business development is now and work with you to create a strategy which gives you a clear direction and strengthens your market position. We can also develop business or marketing plans that detail the key steps to achieve your goals and make the most of opportunities in your marketplace.

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"Having a clear, informative and engaging website is important for us, as it's a place patients and stakeholders can go to find out more about our services and be kept up to date with news and developments. Preview not only helped us achieve this but provide us with ongoing support which is invaluable, especially for a small communications team."
Michelle Baillie, Communications Manager, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust